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Heating and Filtering

Honey is one of the few natural ingredients provided by nature which does not have an expiry, making the process of packing honey quite simple.

In fact honey sourced from the tombs in Egypt over 2000 years ago has been shown good to eat.

This is one of the reasons that honey has become one of the most sought after foods in the world.  The antibacterial affects of honey stem from its special composition of carbohydrates that dehydrate bacteria making them inactive.

Low heat, similar to the temperature within the beehive is required to remove any crystallisation of the honey before packaging into various containers.

Filtering is avoided as this process can remove natural pollens and other valuable constituents of natural honey. Our honey is only strained to remove coarse wax and bee particles collected at the time of extraction, before being packaged into various containers.

This simple packaging process ensures that our natural honey remains as untouched as possible to ensure its full health benefits are passed onto our consumers.

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