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Raw and Unfiltered Honey

  • The processing of our Raw and Unfiltered Honey is simple and as nature intended.

  • Our Australian Honey is extracted from beehives located in the best of Australia's natural terrain.

  • Honey is placed in FDA approved containers called Pallecons and transported to our facility for packing.

  • The Honey from the Pallecons is then gradually warmed at low temperatures before being strained but not filtered.

  • Gentle heating at the same temperature found within the beehive is to facilitate the flow of our viscose honey for packing.

  • Straining the honey simply removes coarse bee particles and wax found within the beehives, whilst preserving 100% of the Pure extracted honey.

  • We do not filter the honey as this process can remove pollen and other valuable compounds of natural honey.

  • Our commitment to producing 100% Raw and unfiltered honey results in its superior taste and ensures that all the health benefits of natural honey are preserved for the benefit of the consumer.

Raw and Unfiltered Honey: About
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